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So, you probably came to this site as you have a debt issue.  Well, you are not alone, more than 11 million people in the UK are now experiencing some kind of financial difficulty, and nearly 3 million of those are in severe debt.  More than 6 million people don’t believe they will ever be debt free and the average person owes around £8,000 in unsecured debt on top of their mortgage.  Indeed the debt levels are now fast approaching the previous peak of 45% of household income, which we saw before the last financial crisis hit in 2007.  It is now predicted that unsecured household debt will surpass this, reaching 47% of income by 2021.

If you are one of these people, you may think your only options are either to spend half your life paying the debt and interest back (the average time to repay a credit card debt via minimum repayments now stands at 26 years).  Alternatively, you may be thinking of entering into a Debt Management Plan, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or even declaring yourself Bankrupt.

Well, did you know, these are not your only options?  Because of the way the money system works, there are many ways of getting your creditors to go silent, never writing or bothering you again for any outstanding balance, its even possible to reverse things on them, so that they end up owing you money.

So how is this done?

We will ask the correct questions that will make your creditors go silent, in many cases they will eventually wipe out your debt.  If it all sounds to complicated, you don’t have the time to learn, you are not confident enough or you just don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire us to act as your authorised representative to correspond with your creditors on your behalf.

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